Tuesday, July 19, 2011

more levels next week

I have realesed levels 1-5 this week and next week I will do 5-7 and following 7-10. All I ask if you use these setups let me know on here if they work for you and if you Find a better setup for same car or even a diffrent one please let me know. As I am not the best but my setups usually do work for the majority of the time and I have been playing this game for quite some time. And rather making a app and selling it like most people do I rather give my info away to my fellow racers for free!!!!!


  1. Thanks for the tunes they work great

  2. Hard thing to find very gratefull

  3. Sweet I'm addicted to pro racing and I just blew through these lvls now I can go back and get some more points I have a lvl 8 zonda lvl 4 bmw lvl 10 veyron ss lvl 7 599 all of which have 3-4k rank but my zonda and veyron still need work I run 11.8* on 1/2mi

  4. The 1/4 mile BMW tune works like a charm. I've only gotten 2nd twice out of the 100+ races I've done with it so far. Hard to find someone willing to do something like this out of kindness. :)

  5. BMW M3, 9.587 1/4 mile
    Haven't found anyone who can beat that yet, running this in the online race betting for Respect is fun. This is where I've seen the most competition...

  6. great job man i take what you wrote tweak it a tiny more im consistently beating your posted speed by at least .1 thanks for all the help! hopefully we'll be seeing more levels?!?

  7. Hello you all I will have more levels in about a week or so had something happen with personal life i have gotten some updates on current levels as well as the rest of the levels so bare with me and you will see them in about a week or two at the latest

  8. Just wanted to thank you for all the work you've put into the setups. They work awesome!

  9. Yeah great work. Thanks! Just started playing the game earlier this week and can't get below the 8.75 second range for 1/4 mile in lvl 7 yet. Really looking forward to the rest of the levels. :)

  10. Anxiously awaiting a Level 8 Audi R8 tune, unable to break 8.065 with mine. I've seen one run a 7.99, would love to know how.

  11. I'm no expert, just doing this by trial and error really, but here's a lvl 8 Audit R8 Tune that I'm using to get:

    7.96 1/4 mile
    Max Upgrades
    3.320 fd
    2.404 1st
    1.962 2nd
    1.670 3rd
    1.497 4th
    1.225 5th
    0.975 6th

  12. Anyone any better times than these? I'm willing to share.
    L1 RX8 1/4 12.379
    L2 S2000 1/4 10.646
    L3 Skyline 1/4 10.052
    L4 M3 1/4 9.586
    L5 AM One77 1/4 9.418
    L6 Gallardo 1/4 8.645
    L7 R8 1/4 8.307
    L7 Rosso 1/2 12.363
    L8 Zonda 1/4 7.984 1/2 11.649
    I'm currently working on a L9 Aero
    Add me in the game if you need proof SxPoison is my tag. Good blog btw

  13. I'd love to see your L7 1/2 tune. Best I'm getting is 12.3x

  14. Ive been looking for an legit R8 tune, and everyone brags about setups and theyre runnin 8.3s, im runnin 8.029 with no tuning whatsover. Anybody out there not full of crap?

  15. @ Mark K. - thx for the R8 tune, beat leven 9 boss with a level 7 car 9.606

  16. Sorry, 7.906 with the R8.... my bad

  17. does anybody here like porsche ?
    looking for the tune :p

  18. I'm stuck on level 6 boss any suggestions and tunes for any car except Aston martin

  19. ferrari novitec rosso 599 gtb, did every lvl 6 and 7 enemy with it.

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  21. good morning people,
    I've a novitec rosso lv7 and did 12.924, anyone can help me?
    how can I decrease the time, what settings should I put in gears?


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